Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inside fun

Most mornings we have regular activities I've scheduled ahead of time but Tuesday mornings I leave open for Steven and I to do whatever we want.  This summer that means that we go to the pool on Tuesdays.  However, today is pretty gloomy and not good pool weather so we decided to go to the Children's museum and invited Mammaw to go with us-- she also accompanies us to the pool sometimes.  =)

But this was her first time to go to this museum and only Steven's second visit  We got there when it opened at 10 and it wasn't crowded at first but by 11 it was packed with groups of YMCA kids. We had a good time but it was getting hard to maneuver around all the kids.  
I wonder if it's always that crowded or if I just have a knack for picking the busiest times.  That's why we haven't gone back for a while because it's hard to stay close to Steven and he is so distracted by all the older kids around that he just ends up running around rather than playing with any of the exhibits.  He did like this thing that tossed balls around when you press a button-- that's right up his alley-- and he played in an old Mustang for quite a while.  


Patti said...

It's MUCH better after school starts. Especially at the beginning of school before all of the field trips start. Also, the new Tot Spot is supposed to be opening in a couple of months and it is going to be much bigger than the present spot. I don't think Steven is too big to enjoy it--Harper still does.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day and great pictures. Your mom looks so good and relaxed.


~the eight of us~ said...

What a fun plan for a gloomy day.

We tend to stay as far away as possible from these types of places until after school starts :o) The crowds are much smaller. With the exception of April and May, that seems to be when end of year school trips are happening. If it is a place we like to frequent, I generally ask what is the least busiest day of the week.

Yup, I definitely understand about the crowds.