Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Celebrating Mama's 80 years

We arrived in Stephenville on Friday night after the drive I described in the last post.  We underestimated the importance of being the first to arrive-- Steven loved having all of Mama and Papa's attention.  He had a blast talking and playing with them; he thought that Papa's duck noises were hysterical which made us all laugh.  Steven definitely is a fun-loving kid and he loves being around all of his family.  

Steven loves his Popo.  He gives him a hug first and then digs through his pockets (just about every time we are with him).  Smart kid, I think-- you butter him up first and then go for the front pocket which always has money in it.  Unfortunately, Steven doesn't understand the value of money yet- that a $20 is better than $1 or that he should try to keep it.  =)  He always puts it back when he done rummaging around.  We got to work on that!  

Playing with Mimi


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Steven is such fun. It was great getting together with everyone.



Hooked on Fishing said...

Looks like he is having a lot of fun....