Monday, June 16, 2008

Summertime in Texas

No matter what the calendar says, summer started in May here in Texas.  May is a hard month with a toddler.  It's too hot to spend anytime between 10 am and 5 pm outside unless you are in the water and our pool was only opened on weekends until June 3.  It was a long month of trying to find stuff to do outside the house and out of the heat.  We are very happy that our pool is open now; although, it's not quite as relaxing as it used to be for me. =)  Steven's just as busy at the pool as he is everywhere else- I guess that shouldn't be a surprise.  So, when we don't want to venture down to the neighborhood pool we drag out our little one and hook up the sprinklers.  He likes these smaller ones because they don't oscillate and he can control when he gets water in his face.  He also likes to pick them up and move them around-- I guess because he sees Daddy doing it when we water the yard.   Uncle Patrick has always called Steven "Deuce" because he's named after Popo and is the II.  The other night we were at a family dinner and we taught Steven to say it and of course we were all laughing and making a big deal so he thought that it was really funny too.  But the funniest thing is that he has a whole expression and different tone when he says it.  So, now it's a game when we say, "Steven, what does Uncle Patrick call you?"  This is the best pic I've gotten so far of the "Deuce face" as it's now known at our house:  


~the eight of us~ said...

It has been hot but I bet even more so down your way.

I love the last picture in this post ...

Anonymous said...

These are the best picutes!! Don't I say that every time?? Steven is such a cutie. My favorite is when he is saying "duece" with attitude.