Monday, June 16, 2008

21 months

Steven turned 21 months almost two weeks ago, and he changes so much every month that I feel I have to update!  He's at the age now that it feels like all the "new things" are really add-ons.  Things he already did he just does better now.  His vocabulary continues to grow weekly and he learns how to put together new two-word phrases everyday.  His most exciting news this week is that he now can say "Frank" which I'm sure that Frank appreciates as opposed to the general "this" that Steven was using before. 
He is in a book and puzzle stage right now and it is so funny to watch as he chatters while he reads and plays- his imagination is really starting to blossom.  
Charlton and I love to read and have looked forward to the time that Steven would sit still enough to listen to a whole book which he now does.  He also likes to color and play with shapes.  I bought some Play-Doh this weekend for him to try but I might hold off on that for a little while yet.  Steven also does not like wearing clothes right now as you can see from these pictures and would much prefer to hang out in his diaper the whole day.  I can't say that I blame him since the high has been in the 90's.  

I couldn't finish this without pointing out the little scratch (probably courtesy of a sharp fingernail) on Steven's forehead.  I had a slight funny feeling when I went to get him out of his crib that morning because it looks a little jagged.  One might even say that it resembles a lighting bolt... 

PS: He has been eating better the last few days.  =)  Thank you for your comments.

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~the eight of us~ said...

He is so cute. I agree on the play-doh ... First time we got it out Billy explored a few mintues then started to eat it :o) We now only get it out when during his naptime. Some times we get it out a few minutes before his naptime so he can play alittle before bed but not long enough to start snacking.

Steven is really growing so fast...