Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week In Review

Unfortunately, Steven did end up getting strep. The initial test they did while we waited came back negative, but I didn't realize that the doctor had swabbed him twice. Apparently they do another test in 24 hours if the first one comes back negative. The second one came back positive for Steven, and a nurse called Tuesday morning to let me know. For those who are interested to know, they also do a 48 hour test if the first two come back negative. I guess they believe the test if all three say you're clear. In any case, this is what we did while we are all recovering this week.I don't know who was happier when Mimi dropped off Charlton's old legos...Steven or Charlton? Steven loves them and likes it even more when Charlton build him things to take apart. Here is a fine example of Dad's Legos skills...a robot. He has also built a school bus, many cars, and a jumbo jet this week for Steven. "improving" Daddy's designMy little musical prodigy- he practices several times a week
Steven inherited two brand new Elmo toys from a good friend. They dropped them off one day during Steven's nap; he was in a particularly grumpy mood when he woke up because he was still not feeling well. I had already forgotten that I left the chair in the middle of the living room for him to find, but he spotted it as soon as he walked in. His face was so funny...first he was confused...then he looked around like, "is it really for me," and then he was full of joy and a love for all things Elmo. I feel like we're running a Elmo factory around here but we were really happy to get them and they were especially a good pick-me-up in the middle of a sick week. (purposefully) falling out of the Elmo chair

Filling Daddy's big boots


Julee Casey said...

So sorry to hear that he was sick!! He is such a handsome little man!! The pictures show that you were a good nurse to him. Miss you guys.

~the eight of us~ said...

It seems like this past week has sure been a hard week for everyone ... boy, I pray we all have a easier, healthier week!!!

Love the Elmo chair. Everytime we see something with Elmo, we think of Steven. Billy hasn't discovered Elmo, he is still stuck on McQueen (Cars) and Spiderman. Today he did discover Bob and Larry from VeggieTales.