Friday, January 18, 2008

Braving the Cold at 16 Months

It's been colder here this week (in the 40's), so we haven't been outside much except to get in the car. Yesterday, Steven and I braved the elements (at this point our Northern friends are laughing) to walk over to get the mail. I bundled him up and put him in the wagon, and he absolutely refused to wear his gloves. He's looks really cute in his camo coat that Mammaw bought him though.

Steven turned 16 months two days before my Lasik surgery and I didn't have a chance to update everyone on the new things he's been doing. Like I said in the 15 mo. post, we have been really focusing on developing Steven's language skills-- we're not worried just anxious to communicate. While we've been repeating words we think he might be interested in, we have also doubled our baby signing efforts, and boy, has it paid off! He now signs more, please, thank you, milk, shoes, socks, music, hot, candle (he sniffs when he sees one so that we'll pick him up to smell or look at it). He also can point to his (and our) belly button, nose, mouth, and head when we ask him where they are. He knows what a duck is and was very clearly "quacking" all this morning. He has only officially added "up" to his vocabulary, but understands just about anything we say. For example...Can you bring Daddy his Bible? (he runs to C's study and brings back his Bible), Let's brush your teeth (runs to the bathroom door), Do you need a snack? (he runs to the kitchen and goes to "his" cabinet where they are stored).
He runs just about everywhere these days and still loves to dance. In fact, we listen to music a lot during the day and when music isn't actually playing, we sing through a lot of his activities-- especially mealtime because it keeps things fun and light so that neither one of us gets frustrated when he's picky. He also loves to be outside and around other children. He has suddenly become very aware of babies in the last month and has to "love on them" whenever they are at his level. Poor Meadow has already endured many kisses from Steven, and while his motives are very sweet, I doubt that she feels anything but fear in her little heart when she sees his huge (to her) head bow under her carrier hood to lean in for a big one. Steven has gotten very good at kisses and Charlton and I ask him for one all the time. He actually puckers and delivers one now instead of just leaning in. I can't get enough of them.

In unexciting, non-Steven eyes are continuing to heal well. Today marks two weeks since my surgery and almost all of the blurriness is gone. I forget that I had it because I feel and am seeing normally. Although, I forget that I don't wear glasses anymore, and yesterday I reached up to take them off when I brushed my hair. When I didn't feel anything to grab, I looked at the mirror in surprise and thought, "oh yeah." That was a great feeling. =)


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I had LASIK about 10 years ago. I can't believe that I used to be so blind. But now, it is starting to get blurry again...from pregnancies, I'm sure. At least if I need glasses now they will be little cute ones instead of coke bottles.

I'm glad you got it. It is so life changing.

Jenn said...

Well, you were right. Brendan and I (to be honest) were just rolling our eyes at you "braving the elements" comments. When we woke up yesterday it was -18 degrees and a windchill of -25 to -35. When Brendan left at 9:30 for his bikeride it was up to a whopping(ha) -10! Don't get me wrong, I think B was crazy for biking in this weather (an especially so since it was for 3 hours) but to hear you talk about how 40 is so cold is just hilarious to us! We hope to see 40 by March or April... we'll see. Ok.. just had to share all that with ya. Have a wonderful week... and stay warm :)

Jimmy and Sarah Kim said...

In the 40's? You must be blocking out the Philadelphia winters you spent inside your full-body parka.

Laura said...

Jennifer, that was mean...but ok, y'all are right that we're babies down here about the cold. It's been a nice change but after a few days everyone starts complaining and wants the heat back. Oh 70 degrees, how we miss you! Just wait though, by June we'll be looking forward to cooler weather. And by-the-way, Brendan is completely crazy!

Laura said...

Sarah Kim, How dare you mention my puffy coat from Philly. Only Charlton is so bold! I was hoping you had forgotten it. =) I have to say that I still got cold in it, but maybe that was mental more the physical. 40s haven't felt that bad, I admit, it's just that we don't spend extended periods of time outside when it's that cold here. We Texans are not equipped for it; we just stay inside and no playground is a bummer for us right now!

~the seven of us~ said...

I'm with you Laura... 40 is bitter cold :o) and 20's or 30's is unbearable. When it is predicted to be that cold we make sure the kitchen is stocked, diapers are plenty, and there is enough toliet paper. We don't want to leave the house!! :o) Once winter hits I feel like I never thaw out until spring is here and strong.

Steven is so handsome and I really like his jacket. Don't you love each new word. It is going to be fun over the next few months as they begin to talk even more.

Stay warm !!!

Anonymous said...

Steven looks so handsome in his camo. You take really great pictures Laura. I love them all.