Friday, January 26, 2007

Starting Solids

Steven has officially been on solid food for a week now. We started with rice cereal as recommended by our pediatrician. It was very watery, so he wasn't that into it (I followed the directions on the box- but quickly learned from other moms that it doesn't need as much liquid as it says- how's a first time mom supposed to figure that out!). He can't quite sit up by himself yet so the highchair was a little hard for him too. He kept falling over so he basically just wanted to chew on the spoon and highchair tray.

That's Ok...this family knows the meaning of determination...or at least stubbornness. We tried again the next day with him sitting in his Bumbo seat on the kitchen table. That worked very well; he loved the cereal after I thickened it a little. He likes to hold the spoon himself and try to shove it in his mouth. Sometimes I'm not sure if he likes the food or chewing on the spoon more. If I take too long between bites though, he leans toward the bowl, reaches his hands over and grunts for more. Today we are going to try oatmeal cereal (such a difference from rice), and we might even try some sweet potatoes tomorrow. We have to wait for Daddy to try the good stuff because he's not convinced that these cereals are "solid foods."


J. Eastwood said...

Hi Wimberly's :) Just read your blog updates and love the pics of Steven & his room. What a cutie :)
Also glanced at the feature on Sara's art - a definite talent! We are in 'wait' mode, active waiting - I've got a case of nervous jitters :) C'mon Baby!
- Julie Eastwood

Jamie Rives said...

Sweet pictures!! He looks like he is loving the change in menu options!

Perri said...

Enjoyed your blog - came over from a comment you left at the Bollines.

Steven's hair is awesome! Never knew a kid who had his first barber visit so young. That was cracking me up.

Don't you love the Bumbo seat - my grandbaby, Sophie loved hers and so did I.