Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Tricks

Here are some new things that Steven has been doing in the past week:

He wants to crawl so badly and is tired of being stuck in one place unless Mommy helps him. This push-up was a big break-through. It won't be long now!

Notice that I'm fixing his hair differently- it just started to naturally part this way and so, as usual, I just try to go with the way the hair flows! It's very grown-up looking, with a little extra height in the back courtesy of his cowlick. A friend even commented that he was having a good hair day on the day this picture was taken (pic below).

Now that he is eating cereal, the pediatrician said it would be good if he started drinking a little of water too. He won't take it out of a bottle so we introduced his first sippy cup. As you can tell, he knows just what to do with it; although, there's not as much drinking going on as there is teething. Today was cold and rainy AGAIN. I was desperate to find new things to keep him occupied, and then I saw the mirror! He found a new friend and practiced sitting up. He's doing pretty well- a whole 30 sec. before tipping over. (It's because he saw a picture of Saige sitting up and he wants to do it now too!) He's looking cute in his new pajamas from Mamma.


Cheryl Wimberly said...

He looks so cute, Laura! I love that he is sitting in front of the mirror - our babies are growing up!

He looks so mature with his new hair style - very handsome.

Katie said...

So grown up! It's amazing how cute they think they are when they see themselves in the mirror. My friend's kids did the same things with the sippy cups at first. The biggest thrill was definitely chewing on the spout. The water was just an added treat to spit out and spill everywhere! Good Luck! Keep us updated!


Bolline Family said...

How fun!! He really is getting so grown up! I can't wait to meet him someday!!

Take care,