Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

It's been a while since I've posted so now I'm playing catch-up...sorry! We've been busy and Steven's been teething (i.e. fussy, clingy, and not taking long naps); I've decided that I don't like Steven getting teeth, but he'll probably look cute with top ones. I can't tell how many he's getting but the whole front part of his top gums have red indention's where I hope teeth are about to pop through. All these pics are from last week.
Hilary and Reese came out to visit us and Ashley & Jackson last Wednesday. We went to the playground because the weather was beautiful and then went back to Ashley and Jackson's for some very delicious chicken salad that Ashley made. We were laughing about how funny we must look walking down to the park all in a line. Who says that suburban moms are all alike...just look at this first picture...our jogging strollers are totally different! Mammaw comes over once a week to play with Steven so that I can get out to run errands and have some alone time. It is lifesaver for me and Steven loves time with his Mammaw! We were trying to get a picture with Mammaw and her Mother's Day corsage but Steven was too interested in the corsage to look at the camera. He also promptly tore the orchid out of the ribbon- thankfully we took these a few days after Mother's Day and she had already worn it to church.
Jackson and his mom, Ashley, live across the street; their pic has been up before (and above in this post). Steven and Jackson really like playing together now. Steven watches every move Jackson makes- I am convinced that this is why he worked so hard to crawl and now wants to walk. He wants to be able to keep up with Jackson (he's 13 months). Jackson likes to pat Steven's hair and stick his fingers in Steven's mouth. We play together a lot and are at the playground again. [Will someone please tell Charlton that this hat is cute for a boy. He says it looks like a bonnet; I told him it has to have a strap or Steven won't leave it on and I like that it comes down further because it shades his eyes. For the record, I did not purposefully match his hat and shirt that day- it was a coincidence, I promise. Steven wears this hat every time we go to the park- Charlton doesn't like that. =) ]

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Anonymous said...

The hat is just that - a hat! And it's cute! It will do until he can wear a ball cap and sunglasses and actually leave them on! Which will be a while probably! He's adorable hat or no hat!

Love your blog,