Friday, March 30, 2007

A Few Good Men

Steven is very blessed to have wonderful, Godly men in his life. His daddy is his hero (just like his bib says). He gets so excited when Charlton gets home from work. He's usually in his highchair when Charlton pulls up in the driveway and Steven watches him through the breakfast room windows until he gets to the back door. When Charlton comes in, he gives him a big smile, squeals, and reaches for a hug from Daddy. It never gets old to watch!

Pappaw (my dad) was on vacation for the last week and came over a couple of days to spend some time with Steven. They are so cute together. I think he's excited to finally have a (grand)son to play with. I don't have a recent picture of Popo (Charlton's dad and Steven's namesake), so I'm going to post an old picture of him with Steven (3.5 months) and of the awesome addition to Steven's room he made. The shelf is beautiful and perfect, thank you, Popo!


Lindsay said...

What a sweet post! Mom mentioned to me last week how much Dad looks forward to playing with Steven. The shelf Mark made is really cool!

Sara Carolina said...

What a blessing to have so many strong men for role models and to give him guidance throughout the years.

Serg and Lis said...

WOW, I haven't seen Mark in YEARS!!! He still looks very good....are you going to show the ladies in Steven's life too???:)