Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas! We decided to post our Christmas letter on our blog this year. This way, the people who want to read it can, and those who don’t won’t feel guilty for throwing the letter away without looking at it.

This year has been rich with blessings. We started the year with a bang by finding out that we were pregnant on New Year’s Day. We only waited until the next weekend to tell our families and a few weeks to announce the news to everyone else. We had started “just looking” at houses in late fall, but now began looking with new interest imagining ourselves as a family of three. This made it an especially busy month with Charlton’s litigation training, which culminated in a week-long mock trial during the last week of January.

We found the perfect house and moved in mid-April. I was finally in the second trimester and feeling much better with the morning sickness behind me. I acted as the supervisor while Charlton and our families worked hard to move us in. Charlton took a week of vacation to help us get settled in. We have loved being in our first home, and continually talk about how much God has blessed us.

Summer began, and of course, it just got hotter by the day, and I followed suit. I’ve always been very cold-natured; one of the biggest daily adjustments to married life for me was feeling like I was living in an igloo so that Charlton wasn’t sweating. I knew I was “really pregnant” the morning I woke up to find that my husband had the sheet AND comforter pulled up to his chin. June brought much joy to my heart as I watched my little sister become a beautiful blushing bride. I was her matron of honor, and being the only pregnant attendant, I wore a "special" gown. The neatest part about it was that Steven actually got to be a part of the big family event. Charlton was busy at work throughout most of the summer. I kept myself busy at home preparing for the little guy and enjoying my free time. We did, however, make time for a “babymoon” over July 4th weekend; we went back to Philadelphia and had a wonderful time catching up with our friends there.

By the time August and September rolled around, I was feeling very uncomfortable and HUGE! Steven Mark was born on September 2nd at 9:10 pm. He weighed 8 pounds and was 20 ½ inches long (for more details, scroll down and read the post from that week). My doctor held him up for me to see and all I saw was a much shorter Charlton. Steven has been such a joy to both of us. Work slowed down for Charlton at just the right time, and he was able to spend 8 days with us to help us transition into life at home. It was great to have him all to ourselves. He is so amazing with Steven, and never hesitated during those early days but just jumped right into whatever the situation called for. He has always been the rock to my roller coaster and this time was no exception.

The last three months have been a challenge (to say the least) but a wonderful blessing to our family. Steven has grown so much and is doing so many things that it is hard for us to remember that it’s ONLY been 3 ½ months since he was born. He has been such a good and happy baby that it makes me a little nervous to think about what our next child might have in store for us. But for now we’re basking in the glow of our beautiful baby boy. Please continue to check our blog to see what 2007 holds for our family.

May God bless you in the coming year. Merry Christmas to All!

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Lindsay Newcomer said...

"June brought much joy to my heart as I watched my little sister become a beautiful blushing bride. I was her matron of honor, and being the only pregnant attendant, I wore a special gown. The neatest part about it all is that even the little man got to be a part of that special day."

This part got erased on everyone else's computer besides yours and ours! I thought I would replace it.