Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two Weeks Old

I'm two weeks old now. We went to the doctor this week and she said I'm doing great! I weigh 8 pounds and 3 oz. which puts me in the 40 percentile for weight and in the 50 percentile for length. The doctor said we are doing great nursing even though mommy still gets frustrated with it at times.


Kyle said...

we like the pictures. Steven, you are a wonderful writer. You must be in the 1,000th percentile for linguistic ability.

Aunt L and Uncle K

Jen Moore said...

What a beautiful and precious ray of sunshine from heaven! We pray that all continues to go smoothly! :)

Cheryl Wimberly said...

well i have to say that i have an extremely cute cousin. I can't wait till our next play date - when we can just lie there and laugh to ourselves about how our moms just stare at us... it's so funny when they talk slow like that.

see you soon,

jeniliz said...

Keep up the nursing Laura. You'll be so glad you did.